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Welcome to Best Electric Smokers!  Let’s help each other create the best BBQ possible. Share your recipes and methods here. Request a review or share a review of an electric smoker.

Just so you know, we tried to like the Masterbuilt series of digital electric smokers but the heating element concerns and customer service reviews raised too many “red flags.”   The digital controls are a great idea but there are simply too many other concerns with the Masterbuilt units to warrant any level of confidence from the Best Electric Smoker reviewers. Yes, there are many positive reviews from owners of these units but they are nearly all from purchasers who have had the units for one year or less.

We will be adding reviews of other electric smokers soon.  There are several models that might be good for the occasional smoker or for someone who wants to make sure that they will use their smoker enough to warrant the investment.

We are recommending that the smart money will go for the commercial grade units even though they have lower technology components. They may seem to cost more than some others but they are built to last many years.  Other electronic units seem to fail sometime between 1 and 3 years.

Please sign up for the newsletter. We promise we won’t be hitting you with a ton of advertisements every other day.  Rather, we plan to keep it simple and share smoking tips, recipes for side dishes, and other useful information.  If we discover a new worthwhile smoking product or accessory, we will let you know but never with a hard sell.

Lets us know how we can help.  We’ll do everything possible to find an answer to your smoking needs.

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